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- Little Leaps Canvas bag.

- 2 double-sided Black & white sensory cards.

- Top 15 Baby sign language card with top 5 baby signing tips.

- Spiky flashing ball.

- Egg shaker.

- Mini bubbles.

- Sensory wand with feather and sequins (14cm).

- Foil blanket (210x130 cm).

- Ribbon ring (ribbons approx. 26cm).

- Goose feather 10-15cm.

- Yellow rubber duck. 

- Silk sensory scarf (60cm x 60cm).

Little Leaps Sensory Bag

  • You will have hours of exploratory fun with your little one with our sensory bags. These sensory bags have 10 sensory items to explore and are a perfect accessory to your baby's changing bag. A useful tool for being out and about or to set aside time in your day with your baby to have some sensory time together.

    Sensory play is so much fun for you and your baby, and there are lots of benefits for your baby's development. Our sensory bags are aimed to engage the senses, support brain development, develop fine and gross motor skills, support language development and communication, enhance memory skills and provide a calming effect.

    The colours of the items in the sensory bag will be sent at random, but if you have any preferences, please add a message when placing your order.


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